I'm in Southie this week visiting my girlfriend who is, unfortunately, in class during the daytime. Anyone want to meet for some games? I'm carless but have easy access to the Red Line, fwiw.
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random ISC game of the day 13

Following Nationals was exciting, though not nearly as exciting/fun as being there! Congrats to everyone who played, regardless of your finish. Playing 28 full games of Scrabble in 4 days is a lot more than most human beings could accomplish.

Back to the ISC treasure trove for me. This one is from a couple weeks ago against orangejkel, aka sr_orangepants. And yes, I am blogging this.

Play along!


To all those Orlando-bound: I wish you happy Scrabbling and a joyous weekend. Although somehow, I think y'all will have plenty of fun without me wishing it for you :-D

Pithier Snob (British Open)

Maybe it's a hole early, but after that second shot on 17, I have to say congrats to Padraig Harrington for winning his second straight British Open. I'll admit I was rooting for Greg Norman at first, but if someone else among the leaders had to win it, I'm glad it was Paddy. (Edit: he made the eagle putt! Now it's in the bag.)


HARRINGTON* has 3 steals (all of length 5 tiles)

PADRAIG* has 3 one tile steals and 5 two tiles steals

GREGNORMAN* has 5 steals (of lengths 2, 3, 3, 4 and 5 tiles)

IANPOULTER* has 5 two tile steals

KJCHOI* has just 1 steal! (it's pretty short, too)

BIRKDALE* has 2 one tile steals and 2 two tile steals

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