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the reluctant blogger

i came, i wrote, you read

June 29th, 2008

Pittsburgh Tourney Part 3: The Conclusion @ 06:16 pm

Current Location: Pittsburgh
Current Mood: calm calm
Current Music: Sonic Youth - Washing Machine

This report is long overdue, but I've been bouncing back and forth between home and Pittsburgh the last few weeks. Finally moved into and settled in my new place!

Sunday Morning - I woke up at the hotel around 8:20 for 9:00 games and took a quick shower, then packed up all my stuff and headed to the lobby. I saw a breakfast buffet and just grabbed a small plate of eggs and sausage and fruit, plus a cup of coffee and some nasty watered down OJ. Had I known I would get charged for it, I would have taken a bit more! (but not any more of the OJ, ugh) What happened to complimentary breakfasts?
I went into the playing room and set up my laptop at the challenge station. I checked the results again, just to see if they had changed since last night. Nope, I was still looking okay at 5-3 +122. My goal was to win all 4 games; I thought that would give me the best shot at winning the whole thing. Then again, my goal is always to win every game, so this was not a new thought process for me. However, I sometimes get dejected if I don't achieve this goal, so this time I also vowed to persist no matter what happened. Enough emotional bullshit, let's get to the games, shall we?

Round 9 vs. Ken Dutch

Play along!

W 458 – 325

Mine: (E)STERASE 66, P(R)ODUCER 76 ; QZSSS?? ; 55 tiles

Theirs: NEUT(R)ALS 60 ; JKXS ; 45 tiles

Missed bingos: none

6 – 3 + 245

Round 10 vs. Steve Grob

Play along!

L 389 – 418

Mine: IMPORTE(D) 78, ISOLEAD 79 ; JQXSS ; 51 tiles

Theirs: DEFAU(L)Ts 94, LOANERS 62 ; KZSS?? ; 49 tiles

Missed bingos: none

6 – 4 + 216

Round 11 vs. Paul Epstein

Play along!

W 406 – 381

Mine: LORRIEs 69, (S)TRAFINg 83 ; KXZSS?? ; 52 tiles

Theirs: (E)IDOLONS 86 ; JQSS ; 48 tiles

Missed bingos: ERRaBLE 75

7 – 4 + 241

At this point, Paul and I realized we'd most likely play again unless somebody got a huge win. Nobody did, and there was a glut of players at 7-4, with Paul leading in spread. Basically, I needed to win. If someone won big and I won small, I could lose on spread, but I couldn't think about that; I just needed to ensure the win.

Round 12 vs. Paul Epstein

Play along!

W 400 – 293

Mine: SONLIkE 80 ; KQXSSS? ; 56 tiles

Theirs: F(E)NEStRA 74 ; JZS? ; 44 tiles

Missed bingos: BREVETE(D) 84

8 – 4 + 348

Valid, challengedPhoney, unchallengedPhoney, challenged
My Plays(none)(none)(none)
Their Plays(none)(none)(none)

This chart was generated by cross-tables.com
Thanks cross-tables!

Final Result: 8 - 4 +348, 1st place out of 14, seeded 7th.
Rating goes from 1576 to 1616.
I once again remain the highest-rated Brendan and the highest-rated Sullivan!
I also became $400 richer (profit over entry fee). In celebration, I bought a new TV.

Overall tournament stats:
Average score: 414.4 - 384.6
21 bingos for me vs. 20 bingos for them
Average # of tiles seen by me: 51.2
Power tiles seen: 6/12 Js, 5/12 Ks, 7/12 Qs, 5/12 Xs, 5/12 Zs, 23/48 Ss, 13/24 ?s = 48.5% total
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Date:June 30th, 2008 06:22 am (UTC)
if you went to nationals you would absolutely have a shot at winning div. 2. Just saying.

the reluctant blogger

i came, i wrote, you read